Can Human Trafficking Be Stopped?

Is the U.S. government doing enough to stop human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the buying and selling of people all over the world. Trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry and happens in every single country in existence. While sex trafficking is the most heard about, human trafficking also involves selling people as unpaid labourers (slaves), abuse victims, and more. Both men and women are trafficked, and millions of people are trafficked every year.

A question recently came up about whether or not human trafficking can be stopped, and if the American government is doing anything about it. Admittedly, not as much is being done as what could be. The American government, while being rather proactive in the prevention of human trafficking, has stated in the past that not enough resources were going toward ending human trafficking as what there probably should be. Despite this shortcoming, the United States has been active worldwide in promoting the eradication of trafficking everywhere. As an example of this, the United States has put programs in place in foreign countries to assist in minimizing the trafficking industry, and has also set up a tier system to classify countries and governments based on the action each country takes against trafficking. A large problem with the U.S.A.'s involvement, however, has been that of prioritizing stopping the sex industry over stopping any other kind of trafficking.

The U.S. has proposed that maintaining and pushing the law that prostitution be illegal is going to solve a world of problems, even though the millions of people being trafficked into slave labour have been overlooked. In recent years the government has also pulled funding away from non-government groups that work toward preventing human trafficking, claiming that the groups were using the money to promote and legalize prostitution. All non-government groups are now required to submit an application for funds in order to continue the fight against human trafficking.  See


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